Thai White Asparagus Soup, Lobster & Curry Salt

This was a dinner that I cooked for myself one evening after work using ingredients left over from dishes at work that day. I surprised myself with how satisfying a dish I made and how easy it was to cook.


250g white asparagus
200g lobster tail
1 bird's eye chilli
1 lime
1 small piece of ginger
fresh coriander
curry powder*
sesame seeds (optional)
Maldon salt

* Don't use cheap commercial 'curry powder' for this. Either source a fresh mix from an Indian store or make up your own using dhania, jeera, garam masala, haldi, chilli powder, asafoetida and mace.

Firstly grill or bake the lobster tail, making sure that the outside is crispy and the inside moist and soft.

Next make the soup by cooking the white asparagus very gently in a little salted water, allowing to cool in the cooking water and then puréeing together with the cooking liquid. This method of preparation ensures that every single drop of flavour and nutrition from the asparagus is kept within the soup and nothing is lost in the cooking process. Allow to cool for an hour and then add lemongrass, fresh coriander, bird's eye chilli, lime and roughly grated ginger.

Finally, create a 'curry salt' by gently grinding some Maldon salt with a little curry powder in a pestle and mortar.
Thai white asparagus

Serve the lobster with the soup and curry salt, preferably on a black plate. The sesame seeds are an optional extra element in this dish, used to accentuate the colour contrast between the black of the plate and white of the soup and to add a little crunchiness to the texture of the dish.

All in all a very satisfying dish, especially when you consider that when I made it first it was simply knocked together from leftovers.

Thai White Asparagus Soup, Lobster & Curry Salt